Adherence to safety protocols difficult but crucial – Dr. Da Costa

The Director of Health Promotion at Ghana Health Service, Dr. Da Costa Aboagye has said, adherence to safety protocols is the only bitter pill we all have to take to reduce the increasing cases of COVID-19 infections in Ghana.

According to him, Ghanaians have to take personal responsibility for Covid-19 behavioral change and adherence to the safety protocols to reduce the infection rate in Ghana.

“COVID -19 has no vaccines or medicines. The only prescribed medicines for COVID-19 are adherence to wearing a mask, social distancing, and hygiene protocols”. He said

To reduce infection and death rates, Ghanaians must fully adhere to the safety protocols. “There is an executive instrument to enforce adherence to the protocols. For example, the wearing of the facemask has been made mandatory as captured under E.I.64 and if Ghanaians comply with the preventive measures case counts should reduce substantially” Dr Da Costa narrated to Akokoraba of Kasapa FM.

When asked to advise the Electoral Commission to stop the registration exercise, Dr Da Costa responded that ‘we must learn to live with the coronavirus under the strict safety guidelines.

A national conversation on ‘living with the virus under the safety protocols’ has been initiated to reduce infection rates and limit the spread of the infections as we intensify the management of confirmed cases and reduce associated deaths.

These can be achieved when Ghanaians help us by adhering to the preventive measures.

Source: Kasapa Fm

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