Airbus Scandal: some government officials must answer questions – Deputy Attorney General

Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Odame

Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Odame has said the honesty and integrity of the companies in question and their incarnation to submit themself to investigations is very important.

“In this situation we find ourselves, Ghana has been scandalised in this “Airbus scandal”, judgement was given in January and I am saying there are key government officials who supervise such transactions and they are still around,” he stated.

He further insinuated that there was a vice president who became a president, there was a minister of defence and attorney general, the purchase of the aircraft couldn’t have occurred escaping such key government officials.

“…and that is why I think that there is a need for government officials to demonstrate proper fidelity to accountability by answering certain questions,” he noted.

Mr. Odame also stated that these officials do not need the investigative authority to call on them but by themselves report to the authorities.

“That is the spirit of accountability, that is why you swore an oath under the constitution. Therefore, if questions have been asked of you, “criminal content” especially has taken place in relation to a transaction that was engaged in whiles you were in office, in the spirit of accountability to the people answer certain questions,” he concluded.

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