Akuffo Addo is to be blamed for the state of Komenda sugar factory – Anim Piesie

Anim Piesie

Anim Piesie, a member of the Communication team of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in an interview said the current President should be blamed for the state of Komenda sugar factor.

Answering a question by the host about what happened after the press conference where they (NDC) brought sample sugar from the factory and said the factory will start working, he told the host to ask the current president.

“The factory doesn’t belong to Mahama and his family but belongs to Ghana,” he said.

He further stated that in Akuffo Addo’s words “when elected you inherit both assets and liability’ so he has no excuse not to have continued with the factory even if the factory wasn’t all set since it was built with the countries money.

He stated that the President only had to invest in the growing of sugarcane which is the raw materials for the production of the sugar but he didn’t out of wickedness.

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