Ashantis are ready for change, the voters register figures shows – Kwame Zu

Kwame Zu, Ashanti Regional Secretary of National Democratic Congrats (NDC)

Kwame Zu, Ashanti Regional Secretary of National Democratic Congrats (NDC) says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is gradually losing grips of Ashanti Region.

In a phone interview on Okay FM, Kwame Zu says he is happy about the turn out of the voter’s registration exercise in the Ashanti Region.

“As of 2016 in the Ashanti Region, the total voter population on the register was 367,000. The voters’ register used in 2016 was compiled in 2012 and this same register was used in 2019 for voting for assemblymen,” he said.

“But the voter’s registration exercise for 2020 reduced from 367,000 to 313,000 including mop-up in the Ashanti Region. We can tell where the difference of 54,000 was brought from to register in 2012,” he added.

Kwame Zu further stated that in the Suame Constituency, in 2019 the total registered persons were 107,000 but has dropped to 92,000. Oforikrom was 127,000 but has dropped to 107,000, Asukwa Constituency was 92,000 but now 83,000.

He noted that a place like Sekyere Afram plains Constituency which is the stronghold of the NDC has increased from 15,000 to 18,000. “With this analysis, the overall conclusion is that Ashantis are ready for change,” he stated.

“The reason we are sure of our victory is that the NPP had projected a target of 3,360,000, meaning they have missed a target with 260,000 in the Ashanti Region,” he says.

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