Baba Jamal Lied! He Has No Idea What Is Happening In Akwatia – Akwatia DCE

District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Seth Birikorang Ofosu

The District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr Seth Birikorang Ofosu says Baba Jamal is a liar, he has no idea what is going on in Akwatia.

Mr Birikorang Ofosu noted that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) before they left office took some Turkish loan to construct about six (6) bridges across the country which the Kusi bridge was part but didn’t start the construction.

“Baba Jamel cut the sod for the construction of the Kusi bridge two (2) weeks to the election in 2016. At that time of the sod cutting, they hadn’t even signed a contract with any constructor,” Mr Ofosu submitted.

“It was in May 2017 that Hon. Amoako Attah signed the contract for the construction of the Kusi bridge. Baba Jamal should show us the contract he signed before cutting sod for the construction,” he added.

Mr Ofosu further stated that Baba Jamal cut the sod because he had nothing to show as a Member of Parliament (MP) of Akwatia constituency and that bridge was very critical to the election.

“Baba Jamal went to the site with a fake contractor, so he cannot claim that project. Everybody knows that it is the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that constructed that bridge,” he says

He added that the bridge has helped link the district.

“There were twenty-two (22) communities without light, NPP had made sure to connect electricity to all these communities. Eight (8) years in government the NDC he couldn’t even connect electricity to a community which was their stronghold even though the people of the community pushed and pushed,” He added.

“Baba Jamal claims the NPP has not done anything in Akwatia, the road leading to his party office was basically ‘manhole’, isn’t it NPP that worked on that road,” he queried.

“Ask we speak a contractor is working on a major road there. constructors are working on Akwatia town roads as we speak,” he says.

“It is a lair if Baba Jamal says we have not done anything but rather claiming credits for their works. We have build health centre in Akwatia at Kwame Nkrumah electoral area, we can check with the chief of Akwatia,” he noted.

“He should come so we can compare project,” he concluded.

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