Bawumia Lied! The Only Project NPP has done in Akwatia is 7 toilet facility – Baba Jamal

Ahmed Mohammed Baba Jamal, NDC Member of Parliament for Akwatia Constituency

Ahmed Mohammed Baba Jamal, NDC Member of Parliament for Akwatia Constituency says he is not surprised that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is running away from the Presidential debate because they know they’ve done nothing compared to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Baba Jamal says what the NDC achieved is monumental in comparison to the NPP.

“Dr Bawumia in his address lied about three (3) infrastructure he claimed was done by the NPP in Akwatia Constituency. He said they are constructing the Akwetia Kusi bridge, which is a lie because the NDC paid contractors and even cut the sod for it to begin before we left office,” Baba Jamal says.

“Dr Bawumia also claimed that the NPP has constructed a new Chip Center in Akwatia, which is also a lie. The NDC fully completed building the Chip Center before we left office. The only thing the NPP did was to construct a wall around it and renovate it,” Baba Jamal recounted.

Baba Jamal further added that Dr Bawumia also lied about the construction of One district, one factory at Asamankese. “The only thing on that big land they claim to be building the factory on is a signboard and nothing else, and he says it’s near completion?” he added.

“It is really sad that our Vice President is ranked the biggest lair in Ghana. Dr Bawumia should conduct a proper fact checks before coming out to speak in public,” he noted.

“Before John Mahama comes out to give a speech, he invites all the district to join the national people for all to verify their projects,” Jamal stated.

Baba Jamal says the only project the NPP can confidently say they have done in Akwatia is seven (7) and they are all toilet facility. “They have even not completed any of them,” he added.

“Can they compare this to the major project Mahama has done in Akwatia?,” he questions.

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