Closing down schools now will be disastrous — GES

The Ghana Education Service Director, Professor Kwasi Opoku Amankwa has said it will be disastrous for the government to close down SHSs and send students home for fear that they will contract COVID-19.

Speaking at a press briefing organised by the Ministry of Information, he mentioned the closing down schools at this time would not be the right option for the government to consider.

Some political parties and parents have called for the closure of schools for fear of students contracting the COVID-19.

When asked about the danger of keeping students in school, the Director said: “We believe that the best option is to keep them [students] in school because if we decide to let them go into the bigger society, then we rather have to close down the entire country because if you have a thousand students going into different homes and they are infected, we are not sure of what is going to happen to the larger community.”

“We are talking about 550,000 students; that is, the Gold Track students plus SHS final-year students, so if we decide to let them all go, I think we will be causing a big disaster to ourselves,” he added.

Prof. Opoku-Amankwa further assured parents that students who due to poor health would be unable to write the exams will be given the opportunity to register for the examination at another time at a cost to the government.

“If, for any reason at all, the child is writing the exams and is ill, what the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) does is that it has something called the clemency rule that will be used so that if you have written English One and cannot write the second paper, it will use the results of the first paper and other factors to award you marks for the second paper,” he noted.

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