COVID-19: 178 Cases confirmed in JHS and SHS – Minister

Benard Oko-Boye, NPP Member of Parliament of Ledzokuku Constituency

One hundred and seventy-eight COVID-19 cases confirmed in both junior and senior high schools, with eight recoveries, Dr Bernard Oko Boye, Deputy Minister of Health has made known.

“With over one million students, teachers and non-teachers involved in the re-opening of schools, the percentage of infection stands at 0.0178. This is a rate that demands adherence to government protocols and not the closure of schools,” he noted.

 “There is absolutely no reason to close down schools because of recorded COVID-19 cases,” Dr Oko Boye said as he was responding to calls to close down senior high school.

Dr Oko Boye has advised the student to take the safety protocols seriously.

“A confirmed case anywhere, including SHSs is a reminder that the virus is around us and hence the need to take the protocols seriously,” he said.

Dr. Boye says to curb the spread among students, the government had supplied reusable masks to all students with the knowledge that there could be some students who would be asymptomatic.

“We know that wearing the masks would allow them to recover with minimal chance of passing the virus on to others.

“If positive cases are being recorded at the workplace where parents are, what makes others demand that cases should not be recorded in schools?” he asked.

“Government does not wish for cases to be recorded in senior high schools but it is the awareness that COVID-19 can be identified anywhere in the country that informed the provision of Veronica buckets, hundreds of thousands of sanitisers and other tools to the schools in preparation for reopening,” he added.

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