COVID-19: It’s too early to start discussing ‘new normal’ life – Biostatistician


Dr. Duah Dwomoh, a biostatistician believes it is too early for Ghana to resign itself for life with the novel coronavirus.

On Eyewitness News, he said the government does not have the requisite analytical backing to such sentiments based on the daily distribution of cases in Ghana.

“I do not know the data set on what they are making the decision on but if you really want to look at the available data, then I think it is too early for us to be looking at going on that tangent.”

Most recently, the Information Minister said it would soon be time for dialogue on how to adjust life with the virus in the global ecosystem.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has also advised Ghanaians adjust to living with the novel coronavirus following indications from the science community that the disease will be around for a long while.

But before such conclusions are made, Dr. Dwomoh explained that Ghana at least needed to understand the rate at which the virus was spreading.

“When the basic effective reproduction is greater than one then you are in an epidemic situation so you put in an intervention to reduce the basic reproduction number to below one… Before you say that you are going to live with the COVID-19, then you need that data set. You have to analyse and do your simulation and get that basic reproduction number.”

Mr. Dwomoh is of the view that with the right interventions, Ghana could be on the path to becoming coronavirus-free like Eritrea, among others.

“Once your basic reproduction number is equal to one then you are projecting into an endemic situation but if the basic reproduction number is below one, then we are in a position to eliminate COVID-19 altogether.”

There is currently a ban on public gatherings set to run until at least the end of May 2020.


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