COVID-19: Reasons for the swinging in recorded cases.

Responding to the question on fluctuation in the COVID-19 recorded figures, the General-Director of the GHS says its because of contact tracing.

“We go out to test people who report with conditions and also their contact after those who have tested positive into groups. There are days that you may have major swings because you have something like a community outbreak or work outbreak and you can report about 100 or 200 cases from one location, so that is what can also influence the swing,” Dr Aboagye stated.

“Occasionally when the number of tests done is in excess of what is usually done you also may get a higher number being reported. That is why we also present you with charts that show you the number of positive from the day that the samples were taken as shown on a moving average, so basically, that is what influences the number of cases,” he concluded.

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