Discontinue the use of face shield without a facemask immediately – GMA / Ghana Chapter

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and members of the West African College of Surgeons have advised the general public to discontinue the use of face shield without a facemask.

In a joint release from GMA and Chana Chapter signed on 15th July 2020 stated that they have noted with alarm the increasing use of face shield and facemask as protection against COVID- 19.

“The use of a face shield alone (without a facemask) does not give the user the needed protection against COVID-19 especially in the light of the potential airborne spread of the virus from emerging scientific evidence,” the release stated.

According to the release face shield is not a mask it is for protection against splashes and may be added to a mask.

They also advised the No-mask-No entry should be rigorously enforced.

Read below the full release:

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