Ghanaians are not ready for Incompetence; trial and error gov’t – Ernest Owusu Bempah to Mahama

Ernest Owusu Bempah

Ernest Owusu Bempah, Director of Communications for Ghana Gas Company Limited, says that Ghanaians are not ready for Incompetence; trial and error government.

In a radio interview with Okay FM, Ernest Owusu Bempah submitted that Ghanaians are not ready for incompetence. He further added that governance is not a trial and error but serious business.

“Why would Ghanaians allow an in incompetent person to replace and competent one,” he noted.

He added that during Mahama’s terms so many people lost their jobs because of ‘dumsor’. Many business men, including his uncle, had to take their business outside the country. The country was in darkness for four (4) years.

“I have not said Nana Addo has done a hundred per cent job but Mahama’s administration is nothing to write home about and can never be compared to Nana Addo’s administration,” he said.

The worse of Nana Addo’s governance is way better than Mahama’s best governance, he added.

The NDC are hypocrites, they reject Nana Kunadu Agyemang Rawlings when she wanted to stand as a presidential candidate but are hailing Nana Jane Opoku Agyemang, he stated.

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