Govt introduces one-year course to upgrade teachers

The Ministry of Education through Ghana Education Service has collaborated with the University of Cape Coast to run a three-semester programme to upgrade all Diploma holding teachers to the Degree level.

The move is to ensure that the minimum qualification required to teach in any school in Ghana is the Degree, that is the Bachelors of Education certificate.

According to a notice issued by the Public Relations outfit of the Ministry of Education, the programmes introduced to upgrade the teachers include the following:

  1. Post-Diploma in Early Childhood Education;
  2. Post-Diploma in Primary Education;
  3. Post-Diploma) Junior High School (JHS) Education. The Ministry is urging all Diploma holding teachers to take advantage of the programmes to upgrade themselves by acquiring the needed methodology, skills, and techniques to deliver the content at the various levels of the basic education. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, online teaching will be adopted to complement the traditional face-to-face learning. No fee is required before the filling of application forms online.


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