Hawa Koomson must apologise for her action at the registration centre – Festus Aboagye

Hawa Koomson

Mr. Festus Aboagye says the Hawa Koomson must apologise for firing a shot at the registration centre.

“Let’s go back to the first instance, she should have informed the police that it has come to her knowledge that this activity was going on,” he stated.

“She could have informed the EC that this activity is going on according to my information she had,’ he argued.

“The fact that she did not inform EC which has primary responsibility for the integrity of the process and did not inform the police the statutory mandate for law enforcement and order suggests that she has become the chief enforcement officer to deal with the situation the way that she wants,” he further stated.

Mr. Aboagye advised her not to defend herself from the circumstance she has found herself and that the honourable thing to do is to accept responsibility and apologize.

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