Hawa Koomson will be arrested, prosecuted and punished by Mahama gov’t in 2021 if left off the hook – NDC

Mr Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Director of Elections of NDC

The opposition NDC, in their weekly press conference, addressed my Elvis Ankrah has said they will arrest, prosecute and punish Hawa Koomson if left off by hook by Nana Addo government in 2021.

The NDC says they anticipate that the Nana Addo government will let Hawa Koomson of the hook as has done other criminals in the party.

“We will there want to serve notice if Hawa Koomsoon is left off the hook by President Akuffo Addo as we anticipate the next NDC Mahama government in the year 2021 shall arrest, prosecute and punish her and all the thugs who were involved in this unlawful shooting incidence and all the other related criminal action,” he stated.

He said Akufo Addo should have dismissed and prosecuted her by now if he had any honour, integrity and conscience left but “because he is the chief promoter and enabler of the unprecedented culture of lawlessness we are witnessing today, we will not be surprised if Hawa Koomson is left off the hook like the several NPP criminals,” he noted.

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