I idolize Mahama but this is not for party colours – Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger

Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, popularly known as Afia Schwarzenegger in a radio interview affirmed her endorsement of the second term for His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo.

The controversial Ghanaian media personality says “I know I have shock people with my choice but that is what is right,” she started.

She added that “…we speak about honesty and Christianity but we don’t practice it. We don’t like it.

Afia says her children are enjoying free SHS and it only fair that other children enjoy it too. My choice is for the benefit of our children’s future.

“It was a difficult decision for me to announce my choice, I prayed about it. The truth will remain same,” she stated.

She added that free SHS has given orphans the opportunity to school.

“If it were for my personal gain I will champaign for Mahama but is for the future of the children of Ghana,” she added.

When asked why she wouldn’t have Mahama come and continue with the free SHS as he has promised, she stated “I want to tell every Ghanaian youth to stop voting for party colours and personalities. We should vote for policies.”

Schwarzenegger further added that no newly elected president in Ghana continues the legacy of the previous, even if he wants to his cabinet will not allow him because it is not about the citizens but their political calls.

”Even though my father (Mahama) has promised, I’m scared because he is not the only one to decide though he has a good intention so let just allow Akuffo Addo to continue,” she stated.

“My account has not been hacked, nothing is wrong with me, this is the facts. I know people’s heart are broken, so is mine but we have to put emotions aside and move Ghana forward and it is by action not by words” she added.

This is to prove to every Ghanaian that it is about time we arise for this Country, not for our party colours or our selfish gain, she said.

“Former President John Mahama is my godfather, I idolize him but this is not for party colours. I have not received anything for NPP, I’m making this decision for the future of our children. The truth is always bitter,” she noted.

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