Improve security architecture to prevent another Ayawaso violence – Adam Bonaa cautions

Adam Bonaa, security expert

Security Analyst Adam Bonaa has expressed concern over the state of the country’s security architecture ahead of the 2020 elections.

Adam Bonaa told that with barely three months to the elections, the government should have made public its security plans for the polls.

He noted that a move in that regard would have assured the Ghanaian populace and foreigners in the country that their safety is guaranteed.

He also opined that the silence on the security plans for the elections does not bode well for the government.

“I was expecting a more improved security architecture but it doesn’t seem to be too improved. By this time, we should have known how security deployment is going to be done. Citizens should have been educated with regard to emergency numbers for the election security task force”.

“I haven’t seen more when it comes to the structure in terms of how deployment is going to be done. The processes we should follow if we have to report an electioneering crime being committed at a polling centre. This is what brings about panic because people are not sure”.

According to Mr Bonaa, a failure on the part of security agencies and government to put out a plan could lead to a repetition of incidents similar to the violence witnessed in the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections.

“The Emile-Short Commission highlighted some of these things and asked the EC to improve on its own election security architecture. As we speak we haven’t heard anything from the EC that presupposes that EC has put in place me measures to ensure that ballot boxes are going to be protected. Once that is not done we might have another Ayawaso Wuogon incident if we are not careful”, noted.


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