Mahama is being childish and reckless in his speech – Ben Aryeh

Mr Ben Aryeh

Ben Aryeh in an interview on Neat FM, says Former President and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama is being childish and reckless in his speech.

Mr Aryeh says as a former president who wants to come back into power, he must speak like a responsible statesman.

“The difference between the Animal Kingdom and the Human Kingdom is, with the Animal Kingdom anybody behaves anyhow. But with the human Kingdom, there are rules and laws. The moment we agree on the rules, nobody’s personal opinion matters anymore,” he explains.

The Electoral Commission was tasked with creating polling stations for the registration exercise to be approved by parliament. The moment parliament approves of the locations; you don’t go back and complain.

Speaking on the Banda brouhaha, Mr Aryeh says the NDCs complain that there was no polling station at where the bus incident happened does not hold because both parties have agreed on the thirty-three (33) designated polling stations, therefore, everybody must go to the nearest centre to register.

Mr Aryeh further added that both parties signed an agreement not to bus people to the registration centre.

“After both parties have agreed not to bus people, why go back and bus people with an excuse? You agreed and signed the agreement, why go against the terms of the agreement,” he stated.

Despite the fact that NDC signed the agreement, they decided to go against the rules and laws. Why should they come back complaining after the upholders of the rules and laws are taking action, he added.

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