Man Arrested For Illegal Firearm Possession at Police Checkpoint In Kodie

Martin Agyei, 40 arrested for the illegal possession of firearm

A man has been arrested for illegal firearm possession at Police checkpoint today, 27th August 2020 at around 00:45 midnight in Kodie.

In a phone conversation on UTV news, Sampson K. Nyamekye narrates that the police in the cause of their patroling were tipped-off about a certain man who has armed himself to perpetrate evil.

The man whose name is reported as Martin Agyei is 40 years of age, was stopped at the police checkpoint in a taxi around 00:45 am-midnight.

In his possession was an AK47 gun placed at the driver’s side of the taxi he was driving. He is said to have hidden the AK47 rifle in between the furnishing covering the side of the door.

Where he had hidden the AK47

He had in his possession, also a locally manufactured pistol, twenty-six (26) AK46 bullet, jackknife and a military face cover.

Other things in his possession

An investigation conducted according to Sampson K. Nyamekye shows that he was headed from Kumasi to Techiman, in the Bono East Region.

Investigations also show that he isn’t the only person going for the operation, however, at the time of the arrest, he was alone.

Mr Nyamekye added that if not that the police had a tip-off it would have been difficult to catch him, because of how well he hid the firearms.

Sampson K. Nyamekye says that in due time the police will give further details on the number of people involved and other things after interrogating him.

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