Meet The IOT Network Hub, An IT Group Developing Solutions To Curb The Spread Of The Coronavirus

The IoT Network Hub Ghana, an Internet of Things community based at the Kofi Annan ICT Center, Ridge have taken an initiative to develop solutions that will be able to aid in controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Headed by Joshua Opoku Agyemang, the group started an initiative called Hack CoronaV about two weeks ago to find solutions to combat COVID-19. They have been working on a number of solutions which about 60% are ready for piloting, testing and mass production.

  1. Touchless or Contactless washing taps, we have built same for liquid soap and sanitizer dispensing.

The technology uses a sensor that sense the hand when its close to the outlet then the system automatically opens the tap for the water to flow.

2. Low Cost, Reusable 3d printed Face Mask with replaceable and recyclable filters.


3. Low Cost Face Shield to prevent coming into face contact with droplets hanging in the atmosphere, especially dealing with Corona Virus victims and prevent face touching.

4. An automated ventilator for supplying oxygen to victims of Corona Virus.

5. An Artificial intelligence App that seeks to provide real-time updates on Corona virus cases, Contact Tracing, help report cases, complain and suspected cases, sanitized the public on safety tips and basic preventive measures.

According to Joshua Opoku Agyemang, the president of IoT Hub, they have been working on a number of solutions which about 60% of these solutions are ready for piloting, testing and mass production

IoT Network Hub Africa, an internet of things community with over 5k membership in Ghana with chapters accross the regions of Ghana, and 10 Africa countries.

We are based at the Kofi Annan ICT Center Ridge.

Our mission is to explore emerging technologies of the 21st century to solve Africans nagging problems

IoT(Internet of Things) Network Hub is a community of  inventors, innovators, developers, makers, entreprenuers and tech enthusiast from all field of work teaming together to exploring emerging technologies and building innovative solutions to African’s nagging problems.

IoT Network Hub has over 5000 membership in Ghana with Chapters in all the 16 regions of Ghana, and other Africa countries including Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and others.

Our mission is to equip the youth and the younger generation with these new technologies in our generation or the 21st century such as Artificial Intelligence, internet of things, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, 3d printing and many more

We believe these are the skills required for the future and our educational system is not helping enough to prepare us for the future.

The pace at which Technology is changing and disrupting all industries and our lives, we can’t wait for government to fix our societies so we are taking the bold step to prepare ourselves for the future.

 According to LinkedIn research recently, Technology is going wipe away over 70 million Jobs globally, the report also said these same Technologies will create 133 million new jobs which never existed.

* IoT Network Hub’s Core Values*

#1. Learning

#2. Sharing

#3. Building


We always encourage and promote continuous learning in the community, so we do share all our monthly Meetup presentation slides and materials in all our 50+ WhatsApp groups every month.

We do also share  latest news, videos, tutorials, books, tools and Technologies that we believe members should learn of have knowledge in.


We encourage every member of IoT Network Hub to share their knowledge and experience with the community, through this we identify resource personel to run our monthly training programs, they always volunteer to teach or share their knowledge with everyone for free.


After acquiring the knowledge we dont end there, we go ahead to build Innovative and cutting edge solutions to African’s nagging problems.

We want to empower the youth and the younger generation with the right skills to solve African’s problems.

IoT Network Hub’s Focused Skills and Technologies

Mobile App Development using Flutter

Web Application Development using JavaScript

Networking And Cyber Security

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Arduino & Circuiting Designing

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

3D Printing and Modeling

Robotics & Drones

Linux and Open Source Softwares

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Entrepreneurship and Innovations

Design Thinking & Problems Solving

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Graphics Design and Animations

Space Exploration

Join IoT Network Hub now and join IoT Meetup at any of our Chapters in Ghana and across Africa.

Learn  new skills, prepare yourself for the Future and get your Dream Job.

IoT Network Hub, The Community of The Future!

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