Mother of dead KNUST SHS student concern about gov’t promise and assurance to protect students

The mother of 17-year-old deceased KNUST SHS student has raised concern over the government promise and assurance to protection for students before the reopening of schools.

Comfort Baidoo says she is worried that schools are opened for Voters registration exercise, but she was denied access to his son on three (3) occasions when she tried visiting him.

The Late Leonard Sam dead after school authorities delay in taking him to the hospital when he had fallen ill for fear that he may have contracted COVID-19. Before his death, he was a business student and a class prefect.

Comfort Baidoo says his son has been a day student for the past three (3) years but only allowed him to go into the boarding house because of governments and school authorities assurance of protection for students.

“We were told that we should not come to the school and that the government has made arrangements of nurses and ambulance for the student to be taken care of and conveyed to the hospital in case they fall ill. I followed up with the headmaster and was showed where my son will be sleeping and every. That’s the reason why we trusted them,” she explained.

“His father has to go through traffic to get to the school, by the time he got there my son was already weak surrounded by his colleagues,” she added.

“By the time went through the struggle to get to the hospital, my son was extremely weak. Upon seeing me at the hospital, he told me i arrived late,” she narrated.

“They should have told me they couldn’t take care of my son. Why would the teacher just stand around watching my son in pain? Even if they suspected a coronavirus case, there is a hospital just around the school, they could have called an ambulance,” the grieving mother recounted.

The family seeks justice from the government. The family awaits a visit from the government or authority before they decide on the burial.

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