Nana Addo will go down in history as one president who divided the country- Haruna

Alhaji Haruna Halidu

Alhaji Haruna Halidu, National Democratic Congress (NDC) committee member in an interview on Peace FM says President Akuffo Addo will go down as one president who divided the country.

Alhaji Haruna Halidu stated in an interview that there are targets under this government. He noted that the government did a reshuffling currently in some state institutions targeted at the ‘voltarians’.

“Take the list and check, woe beside you if you are from volta holding a position at immigration, they will take you out. Why should we do this to ourselves? This reshuffling is a re-engineering targeted at a certain group of people,” he explained.

He further stated that he has no reason to sit on the radio to lie about this at his age just because I want power. “I keep losing at my constituency because I don’t lie. I refuse to win power with lies. It is a principle position and I will continue to maintain because you can build a strong foundation with a lie, ” he stated.

He submitted that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is collapsing because of their lies.

Commenting on the Banda Bus issue, he added that “Is it not documents that show that a person is a Ghanaian? Why must the government involve the military? This is a condemnable action.

“We are condemning it on the basis of the fact of the danger ahead. That is what scares me. I’m predicting that Nana Addo will go down in history as one president who divided the country more than any other person, mark my word,” Haruna concluded.

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