NDC are professional Jeremiahs, they have no message for Ghanaians – Kamal Deen

NPP Deputy Communications Director, Kamal Deen

The New Patriotic Party Deputy Communications Director, Kamal Deen says the National Democratic Congress (NPP) are professional Jeremiahs and have no message for Ghanaians.

Mr Kamal Deen made this submission in an interview on Peace FM’s The Platform programme.

Mr Deen says how can the Flagbearer and Former President, John Mahama claim to have toured Ghana given free foods (freebies) to people, then turn back and question why electricity and water should be free?

“The President, Akufo-Addo thought about the people of Ghana and the suffering they are going through and ways to mitigate the suffering of the Ghanaian people for some months,” he says.

The President also designed a stimulate package to help relieve affected business.

How can the NDC call government initiative to lessen the burden and suffering of Ghanaians a ‘freebie’?, yet the National Democratic Congress (NDC) go about parading themselves as social democrats, he added.

“Change your ideological thinking immediately,” he said.

“How can NDC tag NPP as a capitalist, property holding democracy people that don’t care about the people, NPP that is doing everything possible to lessen the suffering of Ghana?” he stated.

“I have come to the conclusion that the NDC does not have any campaign message for Ghanaians, so they should stop talking. They are behaving like the professional Jeremiahs as the President described them,” Mr Deen says.

“All they could do is to behave like the doomsayers, naysayers and doubting Thomases. They speak anyhow because they have no message. They want to stay relevant and important in the Ghanaian political space,” he added.

“What would you have done, if something unexpected happens after you have prepared your budget? The interventions by President Akufo-Addo were critical and essential. NPP will remain focus and consistent,” Deen concluded.

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