NDC get jittery at the sight of soldiers because of their criminal mentality – Abronya

Kwame Baffoe Abronye

Kwame Baffoe Abronye, NPP Chairman Bono regions said in a radio interview that NDC gets jittery at the sight of soldiers because of their criminal mentality.

Speaking on the Banda busing issue, he said a criminal becomes scared when he sees a military man. IF you are not a thief or criminal seeing a military would not bother you, he added.

“Why are NDC afraid of the military and police? It is because of their criminal minds, that is the only reason,” he explained.

“Whey would Aseidu Nketia go to bring people who are not part of Banda constituency to come and register? The Ghanaian landmark shows that those people are from Ivory Coast and are even dues to vote in October,” he explained.

“Why would he go to Ivory Coast and say to them that they have been voting since 1992 so they should come and register,” he stated.

He further added that you don’t automatically become Ghanaian just because you married a Ghanaian and that was Aseidu Nketia’s defence in bringing them to register. Do I automatically become a Togolese just be I marry a Togolese or my partner becomes a Ghanaian? he added.

He stated categorically that the people in the virals kia vehicle video are not from the volta region but are Ivorians.

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