Okoe Boye launches ‘Dr On Call’ to support health needs of community

The Deputy Minister of Heath and Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku, Dr Bernard Okoe Boye has launched the ‘Dr On Call Programme’ to support the primary health needs of the people in his community.

The ‘Dr On Call programme’ would allow a medical post/KIOSK that has a community nurse at post attend to basic health conditions like malaria and Hypertension which continue to kill thousands of Ghanaians, especially in rural or urban poor communities, where people sometimes avoid health facilities as a result of poverty.

“It is my objective to have one Medical kiosk in all Electoral areas in the Ledzokuku Constituency. You get attended to without any attendance card or charge, with or without health insurance,” he sated.

The MP also made it known that,”The idea is to let the citizen receive informed advice on Medical issues rather than go for pedestrian consultation; consultations that often aggravate the condition of the patient rather than providing healing.”

He stated that the nurses in each medical post would have the access to doctors who will be on phone to give directions where necessary, hence the name “Dr On Call Programme/ Initiative”.

“It is my ambition that very soon, this programme which brings healthcare to a level further down the CHPS level of care would serve as the foundation for the roll out of a National ONE ELECTORAL AREA, ONE MEDICAL POST POLICY,” he stated.

Dr Okoe Boye added that,”Big dreams usually start small and at unknown places like Teshie Sangonaa in the LedzokukuConstituency, where the Teshie Sango Lagoon embraces the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s keep the mask on, the virus must be defeated.”

credit: Atinka Online

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