Pull down the ethnocentric piece you shared on Facebook – House of Chiefs to Mahama

The National House of Chiefs has condemned former President John Dramani Mahama for sharing on his official Facebook page a piece written by the Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga, Isaac Adongo, suggesting that the Agyapa Royalties Investment deal was a fraudulent deal between President Akufo-Addo and the people of Akyem in the Eastern Region.

 The piece has been widely condemned especially on social media with some persons calling on the former president to apologize.

 The House of Chiefs in their statement which was signed by its President, Togbe Afede XIV, on Tuesday, September 1, described the contents of the post as “divisive, tribalistic and unwarranted.”

 “We are using this medium to condemn in no uncertain terms, this tasteless post being promoted by the former president,” the statement said.

 Mr. Adongo in his piece titled “Agyapa Royalties fraud is the last straw: The Akyem Sakawa Boys and Grandpas must go”.

 “Agyapa Royalties deal is a big fraud on Ghana by President Akufo-Addo and his Akyem Mafia”.

 You mortgaged Getfund proceeds in excess of GH¢25 billion for the next 10 years to borrow $1.5 billion and yet you could not expand educational infrastructure and build new schools to end double track;

 You mortgaged bauxite burried on the ground to Sinohydro to borrow $2 billion but has nothing to show after almost 2 years.

 You mortgaged ESLA proceeds for the next 10 years, in excess of GH¢30 billion in 10 years to raise energy sector bonds of about $1.3 billion and yet energy sector debts remain unpaid and you have since accumulated over $2 billion additional energy sector debt with power producers threatening to shut their power plants.

 You have exhausted the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund in which your predecessor JM left you $270 million.

 You have frittered away the Ghana Exim funds, doling it out to your in-law to invest in a hotel.

 In addition to borrowing $9 billion in 3 years in Eurobonds alone and illegally borrowing $500 million term bonds in February 2020, on the capital market, without Parliamentary approval in violation of Article 181 of the Constitution, all without anything to show. What magic can you perform with $500m Agyapa theft money?

 How can Akufo-Addo mortgage revenues of about GH¢75 billion of the state for his maladministration to steal without caring about how his children and grandchildren will manage the economy into the future?

 No wicked man has ever ruled this country and destroyed Ghana’s fiscal and debt framework the way Akufo-Addo and the empty-lying Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia have done.

 It is estimated by industry players that only 11 major mining companies in Ghana will give Ghana an average of $250 million a year, $3 billion in 10 years and $4.250 billion in 15 years in royalty payments being planned to hand over to Agyapa Royalties for just $500m.

 These estimates exclude new mining developments that will come onstream in the next 15 years such as the highly profitable Namdini Mining Development in the Upper East by Cardinal Resources. How did they value $4.250 billion in 15 years to arrive at $500m as 49% of that value.

 You can’t put Lions in charge of sheep and expect to come back and meet the sheep alive. They will end up selling us to borrow to satisfy their insatiable corrupt habits if they are allowed one more year in office.”

 Mr. Mahama shared the piece describing it as interesting but the House of Chiefs has Mr. Mahama “to pull down the said post and apologize unreservedly to the chiefs and people of Akyem to foster national unity and cohesion.”

Below is the full statement/b>


 Our attention has been drawn to a post written by the NDC MP for Bolgatanga, Isaac Adongo and shared by His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama on his Facebook timeline.

 We find the post in a very bad taste and same must not be propagated by no mean a person but the former president.

 The contents of the post which are divisive, tribalistic and unwarranted do not deserve being repeated since it has the potential to cause disunity amongst us.

 We are using this medium to condemn in no uncertain teens, this tasteless post being promoted by the former president. We urge Ills Excellency the former President to pull down the said post and apologize unreservedly to the chiefs and people of Akyem to foster national unity and cohesion.

 The 2020 elections are around the corner and such ethnocentric sentiments should not he promoted in our body politic. We believe that this communique will be well received and accordingly worked on by the former president. Thank you!

 Signed: Togbe Afede XIV


 September 1, 2020

Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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