Student dies because of COVID-19 fear in KNUST SHS

A video detected by on Wednesday morning captured by some student in KNUST SHS shows a student now deceased held by three other colleagues on campus.

The students claim the school authority left him unattended for close three hours in the position seen in the video out of fear that he has contracted COVID-19.

He was later sent to a hospital where he couldn’t survive and passed on. This incident angered the student making them go on a rampage, throwing stones and demonstrating on campus.

A students narration of the incident:
“We are demonstrating because yesterday one of our mates was sick and he was left to his faith to survive on his own because of the fear of coronavirus nobody attended to him. He was ill, he wasn’t showing any sign since morning but later in the afternoon around 3:00 he started vomiting because he started having some stomach pain then we rushed him down to the classroom block but it seems the teachers were only waiting for his parents to come so that they could take him to the hospital. That’s all we can say for now because yesterday they were all adhering to the social distancing i must say that because of the fear of coronavirus they left him all alone for his friends or classmate to come and take care of him till his dad came. He was there for close to 3 hours before his dad came and picked him up.”

Another student:
“if he was attended to on time maybe this misfortune wouldn’t have happened. In case of anything or something like that, they should try their possible best to give us concern. You might not know if little effort you give might help the person.”

The headmaster’s car, Kia Picanto windscreen was broken in the process of the demonstration.

The school has since called on Ghana police service to help restore peace on campus. And to also ensure that the is law and order pending further instructions.

The school authorities are yet to realise a statement about the incident.

More following soon…

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