Top 5 products you really need in your make up bag

The make-up bag is every girl’s close thing which they don’t want to share with anyone. But when it is overflowing it becomes an annoying one for you. So just make your make-up bag simple with the most essential things. For creating a good makeup look doesn’t need many products, it only needs quite products.

Some may carry all the makeup products like hair dryer, cosmetics, eyeliner etc. which makes bag heavy and some of them they do not use. The basic product with good quality gives you a flawless light look for every day. A real make-up is the one which gives you a natural look without harming your skin and protects your face from chemicals. This article sorts out your make up bag with the most essential items for creating a decent look.

  • Moisturizer and primer:

Moisturizer is an essential and primary step in your makeup. It helps you to keep your skin hydrated. When your skin is deeply moisturizer, it gives many benefits and your skin looks young always. Along with that there are some conditioners for Curley hair also make you look hair pretty. So it is essential to use a good branded moisturizer on a regular basis. Some moisturizer may also act as a primer to your make-up. Primer is base of your makeup which protects your skin from chemicals in your makeup products. It acts as a protecting layer for your skin, which does not allow any chemicals inside of your pores.

Some branded moisturizer are:

  • Lakme absolute radiance.
  • Nivea moisturizer.
  • Lacto calamine.
  • Color bar essential.
  • Vaseline body lotion.

Some times you can use an aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer. It is good natural moisturizer which make your skin most soft and result with cooling effect.

  • Foundation:

Foundation is the second step in your makeup. It covers the scars, lighten marks and pimples and enhances your face brightness. But you have to choose the right one. The perfect shade is a very important thing to keep in mind before buying any foundations. If you use a wrong shade means it create a greyish look or some artificial look which is not good to see. The right shade will give you a perfect complex and great elegant look. The foundation is an updated level of daily creams or bb creams. So, whether you can replace it with any other day creams, BB creams or any other cc creams as per your preferences. Some foundations give you a light natural look which is commonly known as no-makeup look. You have a vast variety in foundations like liquid foundation, creamy foundation, compact foundation and matte foundation etc. The main thing to notice before buying is your foundation should contain SPF protection and waterproof. So it long lasts for a day.

Some best foundation brands are:

  • Maybelline fit me foundation.
  • Bobbi Brown foundation.
  • L’Oréal Paris Infallible.
  • NYX foundation
  • Lakme absolute.
  • Setting Powder:

Setting powder is 3rs step which used to hold your foundation for a long time. It protects your base makeup and shines for long period without rubbing or transferring. There are various types of setting powder are available they are:

Loose powder: This is a common one which we regularly used as talc for the body. It is finely milled.

Mineral powder: This is specially used for oily skin which absorbs excess oil and makes a good glowing look.

Translucent powder: This is the best setting powder to create a foundation look without any base color effect.

Pressed powder: This is commonly called as a compact powder which set your foundation and absorbs excess oil.

From this, you have to choose as per your foundation and skin type.

  • Eye makeup kit:

Experiment with your eye in makeup is the most essential thing. High bold eyes give a beautiful look to your face. This kit contains an eyebrow applied, kajal, liner and with some common colors of eye shadow pallets. You can create different eye looks with this shimmer and matte eye shadow pallets. And you can add mascara or fake lashes with this kit to get extra-long curly lashes which enhance your eye look.

Some people have dark circles and under-eye pigmentations. They are recommended to use concealer with foundation. That helps to cover those dark circles and gives you a flawless finish. So be sure, that your plate consists of all the above-listed things to get cute professional makeup eyes.

  • Lipstick palate:

We can’t skip this step. This is the final touch of your makeup without this your makeup like an incomplete painting. Using good quality lipstick is always get you in a safe zone. Some unbranded lipstick damages your lips and also result in dark pigmentation. So always recommend to use the best-branded lipstick with natural things like aloe Vera and Aragon oils. And lip balm is also an essential one before applying any lip products. Lip pencil used to underline that create your lip look classy. And there are some other products also available for lips like lip gloss etc.

You can simply create a beautiful look with this uplisted products. You don’t need a huge collection to do beautiful makeup. As by the authors of trustedshop having a customized makeup bag is always great for travel. With this quite thing your makeup bag is easily portable, so need not worry about space maintenance.  And, if you interested you can add this bag with well-branded makeup brushes. Using a quality makeup brush provides you with the best finishing makeup.

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