Update No. 14: Our hospitalization and death rate consistently remain low – Nana Addo

The president Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo in his update No. 14 measures taken to combat COVID-19 says Ghanaians hospitalization and the death rate consistently remains low.

He says it is some of the lowest in African and the world.

“The Ghanaian people are not massively dying of the virus in the thousands (1,000) that was earlier anticipated and predicted,” he added.

According to the president, the behaviour of the virus has baffled the expects and defiled most predictions.

“Five (5) month on we can say we are witnessing a much milder manifestation of the virus in this country than was initially feared,” He remarked.

He further noted that COVID-19 related death has remained persistently low at 0.5% of confirmed cases.

“I dare say it takes the grace of God and the measures taken by your government with your support that has produced this result,” he stated.

He acknowledged the immense dedication and hard work of the health care workers who care for those who are affected by the COVID-19.

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