Victory Is Ahead For NDC – Dzifa Tegah

Dzifa Tegah, Communication Team Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

Dzifa Tegah, Communication Team Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in an interview on Neat FM says there is victory ahead for NDC.

Dzifa Tegah says that Ghanaians believed in the numerous juicy and fake promises by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) when they were in opposition.

“The only thing he didn’t promise is one banku one tilapia and one waakye, one wele. Here we are, and their performance is just bad and terrible,” Tegah added.

“Ghanaians have now witnessed it. I’m glad that happened because if the NDC were still in power, Ghanaians wouldn’t have seen the true colours of the NPP,” she further stated.

She added that now that Ghanaians have decided to bring back Mahama, they should be firm in their decision.

Dzifa Tegah thanked Ghanaians for registering for their voter’s ID card despite the frustrations and brutalities the NPP put them through.

“Come December 7, all those that lost their jobs and monies because of the banking sector issues should know that Mahama is the person that can save us. Mahama is coming back to continue the wonderful jobs that he was doing,” She submitted.

She encouraged all the NDC supporters to keep the faith and come December 7, they should quietly go and vote to bring Mahama back.

When asked by the host the chances of the NDC in the coming election, Tegah explained; “the vibe I’m getting now, the things I’m hearing and seeing now, the energy in the air and the warmth I’m getting now is so different. The vim with how people talk tells that the is victory ahead for the NDC.”

“This election is different because both Presidents have governed Ghana,” he added.

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