“We demand the immediate closure of all reopen schools” -NDC

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the press conferences has demanded that all reopened school should be closed as our national responds plan and strategy has clearly failed.

“The NDC recons that our current situation calls for decisive and forthright leadership to stem the tide of the marauding virus which now threaten all of us, this is not the time for weak and tired noise as the health minister and Akufo-Addo has developed. Neither is it the time to place a politically driven decision ahead of public health,” they noted.

The NDC says it is time for the government to restrategize and take some critical remedial actions to salvage the failing fight as a matter of urgency.

They further listed some methods they believe are far-reaching measures that can help protect Ghanaian lives.

One of the measures they noted is the immediate closure of all reopened schools. The NDC believes that the reopening of the school was without a doubt politically motivated.

The NDC also noted, “As we speak Nigeria a major participant in the WASSCE exams has rescinded its decision to reopen schools, while Kenya has also decided to close schools until 2021.”

NDC urged the President to prioritize human lives, the lives of innocent SHS students over electoral fancies.

“Is it not strange that when state institution records positive cases immediately that institutions are shut down irrespective of how critical the role of that institution is to nation-building,” they added

“If parent don’t take their destiny and that of their children into their own hands and go into those schools and go bring out their children into their homes when they are done with this registrations, make it on the fall, they will close the schools,” they concluded.

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