We don’t have any right to ban students from writing exams – GES

Casandra Twum Ampofo, Head of Public Relation Unit of Ghana Education Service (GES)

Speaking on Neat FM, Casandra Twum Ampofo, Head of Public Relation Unit of Ghana Education Service (GES) says they have no right to ban students from writing exams.

Casandra Twum Ampofo stated that after the demonstrations by the student after the integrated Science exams, GES issued a press release deboardinizing the students engaged in vandalizing school properties whiles they further investigate the issue.

“We saw what happened after the Integrated science examination, where some students were vandalizing school property, insulting teachers and even the President because they felt the exam was difficult,” says Ms Twum Ampofo

She further noted that after receiving reports from the schools and regions, that was when GES realized the gravity of the harm the students have caused, hence the dismissal of these students.

Ms Twum Ampofo explained that the deboardinized students are boarding students who are sacked from the boarding house to commute from home to school whiles the dismissed student are no longer students of the school.

“The dismissed students are not banned from writing the Wassce, that is the sole right of the West African Examination Centre (WAEC), not Ghana Education Service (GES). They are banned from writing the exams in the school, not the examination,” she explained.

She further explained that with the help of WAEC the dismissed students can write their exams in other schools just as in the case of the NovDec Student.

She noted that fourteen (14) students have been dismissed from their schools.

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