You are not the one to tell us whether the infrastructure is relevant or not – Oko-Boye to NDC

Benard Oko-Boye, member of Parliament of the Ledzokuku Constituency

Benard Oko-Boye, Member of Parliament of Ledzokuku Constituency say the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is not the one to tell whether the infrastructure is relevant or not but the beneficiary.

“The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has for some time been challenging us (NPP) to account for the infrastructures we have done. Vice President, Dr Bawumia, a meticulous man who collated everything and presented them to Ghanaians,” he explained.

Oko-Boye added that after the presentation, Ghanaians got to know the good works the government is doing with physical, digital and human infrastructure.

“I Oko-Boye does not even need Dr Bawumia to remind me of the things NPP has done, but instead for the seek of the person you hasn’t been to the project sites to be informed about these projects,” He stated.

He added that the NPP party is not depending on the story we tell about infrastructure to win the hearts of Ghanaians but, those benefiting from the infrastructure will know how to show their appreciation.

“And who told the NDC that infrastructure must be more that one million to qualify as an infrastructure? Who told the NDC that they are the ones to tell us whether the infrastructure is relevant or not? It is the beneficiary,” he stated.

“Whiles the NDC was bragging about the circle interchange claiming to have brought Dubai to Ghana, the people in Waliwali were waiting to be provided with water in the dry season to grow their crops. NPP provided then with a dam, and you call it a dugout? A dugout that provides them with five buckets of water a day for the next four (4) to five (5) months, who told you it is not relevant?” he submitted.

“I thought the NDC would have learnt for the last election, ironically, NPP that won the elections are rather learning from NDC’s defeat. The Akufo-Addo government has in its pockets lessons that should have been learnt by the NDC government when they were in power,” he states.

”We have learnt that an infrastructure appealing to the eye that looks gigantic at one location cannot change the mood and feeling of those who are at other locations who need basic things,” Oko-Boye explained.

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